We enjoy working across a broad range of areas, including account management, production, brand strategy, and original content creation. We continue to be a proactive member of creative teams to plan and manage complex projects, troubleshoot problems, and oversee significant and multifaceted budgets.
I combine my years of premium production and storytelling experience with intimate knowledge of the new digital media landscape to uniquely position myself at the forefront of the original content creation, production and account management. Throughout my distinguished career, I have garnered a reputation for not only building high performing teams but also for being an inspirational leader. I am a balancer of client needs. 

I have been honored to serve on several national and regional boards of the Advertising Photographers of America (APA). Featured speaker on many wide-ranging topics that include copyright law, project visualization, production management, marketing and estimating.
Thomas Zumpano  +1 312.273.1697
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